Teleselling Troubling Topics

Telemarketers come in all shapes and sizes and are constantly selling us all sorts of garbage. But they are not always selling us a service or a product, as sometimes they are persuading us to do something. Now normally telephone sales people try to get us to buy something but not always. Occasionally they try to get us change our opinion, re-enforce our decision or vote for something. How do they do this you ask?

Well it is simple really, first they attempt to get us to fear the outcome if we fail to act. For instance if we vote for the Republicans then the Democrats will lose and that will mean Global Warming will destroy the Planet they will say. Or if we vote for Democrats then the Republicans will not get elected and the International Terrorists will come into our country and your family will be in grave danger.

When selling on the phone these telemarketers will work very hard to scare you and act like your friend and get you to commit yourself to vote for their initiative or candidate. This is how they sell troubling topics on the telephone and you might enjoy listening for it and watching the manipulation of the conversation and use of tactics. Consider all this in 2006.

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